Snapchat Spotlight Downloader
Download and Save Snapchat Spotlight of users.

Snapchat Spotlight Downloader.

Download snapchat spotlight video easily with our tool. Best feature of this tool is you will not have to install any Snapchat downloader app, just visit our website and paste the download link and it will prepare raw video for you which you can save to your device easily.

Which file format are the videos downloaded?

These Videos are generally downloaded in .mp4 format, which is suitable for most of the android and ios devices.

Which devices are compatible with this website?

This website is fully compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and you will not have to download any separate android or ios app for it. And it also supports most browsers like Chrome, Edge, Chromium, Firefox, Opera, UC Browser, Safari etc.

What is the download limit and file limit?

There is no limit to download numbers or file size you can download any number of videos or any number of files with out any issue.

Where the downloaded videos are stored?

The downloaded videos are generally stored in your device/browser common download folder. If you will not able to find the video please check with other file manager.

Are we allowed to download Snapchat spotlight videos?

Yes, you can download public Snapchat spotlight vids with out any use but there is limitations of use you should not use those videos with out the permission of the original content creator.